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Boost up the blooming phase! B’cuzz Bloom stimulator contains various bio-molecules from natural plant extracts. Science has shown that different extracts of plant origin can stimulate various developmental processes. Bloom Stimulator helps by accelerating the processes I described earlier. This way the bloom-phase will be active in full force earlier and for a longer period. The result is an explosive production of thick and compact flowers and fruits with a great smell and taste. The Bloom phase is an exciting part of the plant life cycle during which vegetative growth is reduced and generative development starts. The meristems, which are the cells from which the plants grow, are signalled biochemically to decrease the production of leaves and instead start to make flowers. We call this flower induction. After this induction the cells forming the flower go through a complicated process called flower differentiation, which makes sure all flowers are constructed properly. This is the time essential oils are produced, which make your flowers and fruits, smell nice and taste great! B’cuzz Bloom Stimulator is easy to use as well! You can combine it with practically all base nutrients as it has almost no NPK value. Plus, it’s highly concentrated at a dilution rate of 1:1000 of nutrient solution. Suitable for different kinds of vegetables and fruits like bell peppers, chili peppers and eggplant. It can also be used for flowering ornamental plants (e.g., Osteospermum)
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